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.NET Obfuscator

.NET Obfuscator is protecting your Visual Studio .NET code and data.

.NET Obfuscator Increase complication on reverse engineering

.NET Obfuscation significantly increases complication on .net application and library decompilation and increases complication on understanding the workflow in the .NET applications.

.NET Obfuscator Secure your String data

.NET Obfuscator encodes and removes all string data from your .NET code to another place and it is impossible to get the string data.

.NET Obfuscator Optimize .NET code size and performance

.NET Obfuscator will reduce .NET program code size in a lot of cases, such as reducing metadata size.

.NET Obfuscator .NET Resource Protection

.NET Obfuscator protects .net project managed resources by encrypting resource names.

.NET Obfuscator .NET Obfuscator produces tamper-proof assemblies

Your strong name assembly can be cracked and reproduced by another key. .NET Obfuscator generated assemblies is tamper resistant, which allows generated assemblies protected with a spoofing technique, preventing modifying or removing strong names.

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